Maybe you prefer to have a good old fashioned BBQ for your event, but without the stress of cooking yourself! 

We have all been there, hosting a get together for family and friends, catching up and getting carried away talking whilst the sausages quickly turn a lovely shade of ‘charcoal’!  It never seems to go to plan, and yet we all really do love a good BBQ!

At Done To A Turn, we can ensure that your party is completely stress free, allowing you to mingle and chat at your leisure.  We can even serve drinks to your guests throughout the party which will give you that rare opportunity just to relax and enjoy being waited on for a change!

A guide price for our BBQ’s is:

1 Large Burger & 1 Large Sausage with Buns, Cheese, Sauces & Serviettes….

  • Up to 100 people £495.00
  • Up to 200 people £695.00

Please contact us with details of your planned event, and we can cater for your every need by creating a menu and service just for you.

When you have Gino D'aCampo and Aldo Zilli commenting on the food, you know it's of the highest standard
Peter Andre
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